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Bed and Breakfast Passion Tendresse
Your paradise away from home...
We are pleased to prepare a fresh meals during your stay with us. Every dish are prepared with passion and tender, full of flavor, nothing frozen, cooked fresh, home made or purchased locally.

All breakfast comes with fresh fruit of the day, homemade jam, orange juice, coffee and real maple syrup of the best quality. Enjoy and Bon appétit! (Also available Gluten free and Lactose free. Must be requested at reservation)
Choice of :
French toasts with a dash of 
brown sugar and cinnamon.
Thin crepes.
Vegetable omelettes including cheese, bacon with toast.
Suppers include the entry, choice of main dish, dessert and glass of wine. (Possibility of Gluten and Lactose free). The rate is 25.00$/person with wine or 20.00$/person without wine. We can do any of the seven choice but only one choice per day. Verify the availability with the hosts.
- Apricot chicken.
- Peach meatballs.
- General Tao chicken.
- Maple syrup salmon.
- Spinach pork fillet.
- Beef lasagna with tomato sauce.
- Chicken lasagna with rosee sauce.
- Fresh grilled rainbow trout from our lake (Subject to availability and season).
Choice of :
From Monday to Friday, the breakfast must be taken by 09:00. Thank you.
Other Services:
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Here are the other extra services offered by Passion et Tendresse (B&B)
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 Breakfast (Included)




Wedding and other events

Breakfast: (Included)
What better way to end the day than a wonderful 1 hour massage with a licence massage therapist outdoor in the summer in the screened in porch with the natural sounds of the birds and the lake fountain in the background. The rate is 80.00$ + taxes. Insurance receipt available. According the the massage therapist schedule. Need to reserve in advance.
You don't have a vehicle, you prefer to be driven or you need a ride to the airport, we can transport you where even you need to go. Also perfect to visit local winery without restriction. Our rate is 0.25$ per kilometer for 1 to 2 persons maximum at the same time in our car or 0.35$ per kilometer for 3 to 6 persons maximum at the same time in our mini-van.
You are looking for a memorable outdoor location for your event, we can help you.  Our outdoor grounds can be at your disposal to host a wedding, birthday, anniversary or business gathering.  Call us for our rates. Click on the link below to see our pictures.
We are open. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 virus and our government recommendation, it is mandatory to wear a mask inside the B&B at all time except in your room and outside. You need to keep a distance of 2 meters with other customer. The living room and play room remain closed for now.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.